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​The presentation is flexible and will be based on the needs of your school or business, but it typically includes a PowerPoint lecture of about forty-five minutes, followed by a Q & A and book signing.  An additional classroom visit can also be arranged. George's usual honorarium is $500 for high schools and $750 for colleges, universities, and businesses.  To schedule a visit, or to receive more information, please email us at

> She was born and raised on a small farm in

   North Dakota during the Depression

> Her father refused to send her to school

> She became America's first female rocket      



the soviet union

is close to launching the world's first satellite.  Meanwhile, in the United States, Wernher von Braun realizes his rocket―the Redstone/Jupiter C―will not be powerful enough to reach orbit.  In desperation he seeks out the help of  a young woman in California who may hold the key  to helping restore America's laggard technological position. Born on a small farm in Ray, North Dakota, and recruited as a wartime chemist for the U.S. government after only one year of college, Mary Sherman Morgan suddenly finds herself at the center of a political and technological maelstrom. "Rocket Girl" is the heretofore untold story of a brilliant woman's lost legacy, and her crucial behind-the-scenes contribution that launched America into the Age of Space. 


January, 2016

George will be touring high schools, colleges, universities, and businesses around the country, bringing  his unique STEM presentation based on his book ROCKET GIRL: The Story of Mary Sherman Morgan, America's First Female Rocket Scientist.



STEM: Science - Technology - Engineering - Math